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PRA Disease Results

I breed and I test for PRA eye disease

Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA prcd)
Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) as an inherited disease occurs in many dog breeds and also in different forms. The form of progressive rod-cone degeneration (prcd-PRA) is a photoreceptor degeneration in dogs with varying ages of onset. This genetic disorder causes the degeneration of retinal cells in the eye: firstly, rod cells are affected, thus leading to progressive night blindness. Secondly, degeneration of the cone cells results in complete blindness of the dog, even in full light situations during the day.

Dogs tested clear will not become affected or produce PRA. Dogs tested as carriers will not become affected by PRA but should only be mated to a clear dog. Dogs tested as affected will become affected and may be mated to a clear dog.


Ch Glenbriar Wizard of Oz - Clear A1

Ch Glenbriar Flagship Blue  - Clear A1

Ch Glenbriar Paris Blue  - Clear A1

Ch Glenbriar Party Trick - Clear A1 by parentage

Ch Glenbriar Ozi Maid - Clear A1

Glenbriar Journey In Blue - Clear A1 by parentage

Glenbriar Electric Blue - clear A1 by parentage

Glenbriar By Firelight - clear A1 by parentage

Ch Glenbriar Party Poopa - Clear A1

Glenbriar Pretty in Blue - Clear A1 by parentage

Ch Glenbriar Moulin Rouge - Clear A1 by parentage

Bradstock Montague James (Imp UK) - Carrier but will not be affected. FN Clear

Gd Ch Feenix Fair Star - Clear A1 and Clear FN



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